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Surface sizing agent

Surface sizing agent
Product feature
1. It can completely or partly replace interinal sizing agent,clean paper making environment,reduce the production cost.
2. It can greatly reduce the paper powder production,improve the printing adaptability and
surface strength.
1. Excellent mechanical stability.It can be used in a variety of different types of sizing machine.
Physical property
1.Product type:styrene-acrylate high polymer
2.Physical appearance:light gray with blue latex
3.Dynamic viscocity:≤50mPa.s
4.Solid content:30% 2%
5.PH value:2.5-5.5
7.Storage periond:3 Month(5-35℃)
Applicable scope
High strength corrugated paper,cardboard paper,cultural paper,coated laundry board,white cardboard,copper plate paper and so on.

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Placement Date: Jul 05, 2013 GMT
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