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OCC # 11, OCC 95, OCC 90, OCC Cardboard Scrap

We use OCC in many grades. Some contain a small amount of recycled fiber while some are made entirely of recycled fiber. In order to meet our customer’s quality expectations, we must ensure that our incoming raw material quality is excellent.

Preferred Density Range :18 to 25kg/ m3
Clean & Dry Unused Off-Cuts : 100%
Color: Mixed
Foam Skins :None
Re-bonded Foam :None
Bare Skins :None
Ester-type Foam :None
Hydrophilic Foam : None
Laminated Fabric/Foam :None
Laminated Vinyl/PVC/Foam :None
Reticulated FoamNone
Visco-elastic Foam :None
Moisture: Less than 2%
Foreign Matter/Contamination :Absolutely None
Factory Sweepings :Absolutely None
Recycled, Old or Used Foam :Absolutely None
Packaging :In compressed by bales
Weight: 250 to 300kgs per bale
Loading Quantity: 40′ High Cube containers can loaded no less than 18,000kgs

Category: Raw Materials / Woods
Placement Date: Jul 23, 2019 GMT
Company type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Other
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Country: Cameroon OCC # 11, OCC 95, OCC 90, OCC Cardboard Scrap
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