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Air slide fabric

Airslide Fabrics are used in various industries for pneumatic conveying,discharge, fluidising of powder or granular matarials.
Huatao Wire Belt offers Airslide Fabrics are used in various industries for pneumatic conveying,discharge,
homogenising and fluidising of powder or granular materials.They are used on pneumatic conveyors,
silos of every type,vehicle trucks and ail-wagons and also in ships.
Airslide Fabrics are an indispensable part of cement plant,chemical industry,metallurgical industry,
bulk cement tank trucks,bulk cement ship and fixed cement tanks.
Polyester Airslide Fabric is manufactured in 2-5 ply from durable and abrasion resistant polyester fabrics.
Airslide fabrics and Airslide pads from an integral part of Penumatic Conveyor Systems.
Cement industies : cement plant ,bulk cement truck and ship
Mining industries :aluminium,lime,coal,phosphates
Chemical plants : soda
Power plants : coal,desulfurize
Food industry : flour
Powder moves on the fluidization conveyor over airslide fabrics.
The fluidization conveyor not have power parts.
Flow is achieved by an air flow through the airslide fabrics that removes friction between powder and the air-permeating textile materials.
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