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LED Strip Light

5050 LED Strip Light
1 Size:.PCB thickness:0.2mm,Length:30CM
2. Working voltage:12v DC
3. Working Current:200Ma
4. Power consumption:2.8w
5. LED Viewing Angle:120 degree
6. Number of LEDs:12 pcs SMD LED
7. Low heat dissipation
8. Easy Connection
9. Strip length can be altered by cutting at the detaching point in group of 3 LEDS each
10.Colors:Red,Green,Blue,Purple,white ,warm white and RGB
11.Comes with doubles-sided 3M adhesive tape at the back of the light strip
12.For waterproof version, vacuum diffusion technique forms a very thin layer of deposited coating to IP65 waterproof standard, not affecting the LED brightness or color

Placement Date: Jul 22, 2011 GMT
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