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D-Allethrin Tetramethrin

D-Allethrin&Tetramethrin 95%TC
We are Nanjing M-Win Chemical from China, which is specialized in agrochemicals, especially in Pyrethroids. . We wish that we could have a cooperation about these products in the future.
The products series: D-Allethrin, Tetramethrin, D-Tetramethrin, Permethrin, D-Phenothrin, D-Cyphenothrin, Es-biothrin, Prallethrin. These products are widely used for producing mosquito coil, aerosol and other insecticides.
Look forward to a further discuss with you about the cooperation.

Category: Chemicals / Pest Control
Placement Date: Jul 24, 2008 GMT
Company name: Nanjing M-Win Chemical
Company type: Exporter, Importer, Wholesaler, Trade Opportunitites, Other
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